- My Inner Blood Type - Minggu, 18 November 2007

Your Inner Blood Type is Type A

You seem cool and collected, though a bit shy.
You are highly driven and a perfectionist, but that's a side you keep to yourself.
Creative and artistic, you are a very unique person who doesn't quite fit in.
People accept you more than you realize, seeing you as trustworthy and loyal.

You are most compatible with: A and AB

Famous Type A's: Britney Spears and Hilter


- My theme song by U2 -

Your Theme Song is Beautiful Day by U2

"Sky falls, you feel like
It's a beautiful day
Don't let it get away"

You see the beauty in life, especially in ordinary everyday moments.
And if you're feeling down, even that seems a little beautiful too.


- Nomer berapakah saya? - Sabtu, 17 November 2007

You Are 3: The Achiever

You're confident and competent - with a lot of energy.
Eager to reach your goals, you are ambitious and competitive.

You are good at motivating yourself and motivating others.
You're also a charmer, with a great sense of humor.

At Your Best: You are kind, confident, and completely authentic. You are witty and full of life.

At Your Worst: You are insecure, narcissistic, and jealous.

Your Fixation: Vanity

Your Primary Fear: Being worthless.

Your Primary Desire: To be important and valuable.

Other Number 3's: Tom Cruise, Sylvester Stallone, Michael Jordan, Madonna, and Shania Twain.


- Maksudnya apa ni? -

Your Rising Sign is Virgo

Well put-together and elegant, you sometimes seem standoffish.
And truth be told, sometimes you do feel superior to those around you.

A bit shy and introverted, you tend to stay quiet - even if you're feeling social.
At parties, you can seem like you're very serious while you're having fun.

You clever and ingenious, with an alert and active mind.
Good at facts and figures, you excel at logical and mathematical tasks.


- Tentang cowok. gw banget -

You Go For Brains!

You want a guy with a big... brain.
And of course it would be nice if he were a total hottie, but you're not counting on it.
What's on the inside is what counts for you. (Besides, you can always change the outside later!)


- Tentang mantan -

You Hardly Remember Your Ex

You're definitely not a psycho, and you probably don't even think of your ex often.
You've moved on, and your life is the better for it.
Just remember to remember why the two of you did break up - so you don't fall for him again!


- Seberapa hijaunya gw kah? -

You Are Apple Green

You are almost super-humanly upbeat. You have a very positive energy that surrounds you.
And while you are happy go lucky, you're also charmingly assertive.
You get what you want, even if you have to persuade those against you to see things your way.
Reflective and thoughtful, you know yourself well - and you know that you want out of life.


- Arti nama, Maksa men -

What Yunita Budipalupi Means

Y is for Yummy

U is for Unique

N is for Neat

I is for Irresistible

T is for Twisted

A is for Adaptable

B is for Bonkers

U is for Unreal

D is for Daredevil

I is for Innocent

P is for Pleasant

A is for Animated

L is for Liberal

U is for Unreal

P is for Posh

I is for Irresistible


- elemen gw -

Your Power Element is Fire

Your power color: red

Your energy: hot

Your season: spring

Like a fire, you are full of power and light.
A born leader, you easily draw people toward you.
You are full of courage and usually up for anything dangerous.
You have a huge ego and love to be the center of attention.


- wah...cara berpikir. -

Your Dominant Thinking Style: Exploring

You thrive on the unknown and unpredictable. Novelty is your middle name.
You are a challenger. You tend to challenge common assumptions and beliefs.

An expert inventor and problem solver, you approach everything from new angles.
You show people how to question their models of the world.


- Apa gw jealousan? -

You Are 50% Jealous

You're a fairly jealous person, but it's nothing to beat yourself up about.
A little jealousy is perfectly normal, though sometimes you take it a little far.
Recognize when jealousy is taking over your life, and try to hold back your impulses.
You'll be a better (and happier) person for it!


- Gw make otak kanan saat bercinta? -

You Are Right Brained In Love

Bit of a drama queen
Peacemaker, first to end a fight
Good at thinking up creative dates
Tend to fall in love and get hurt easily
Going with your gut instead of your head
Empathetic and caring, sometimes to a fault
Good at recognizing patterns in relationships
Been in love many times, perhaps too many to count
Wildly passionate and intense when falling in love
Spontaneous with relationships, going with the flow
Overly visual - can play back past dates like movies in your mind
Roses, love poems, and stuffed animals are a good start to winning your heart


- Siapa pula Ani Defranco ini? -

You Are Ani Difranco!

Honest, real, and well liked.
You're not limited by any boundaries.
"And you can call me crazy
But I think you're as lazy as white paint on the wall"


- Seberapa sarkastik kah saya? -

You Have Your Sarcastic Moments

While you're not sarcastic at all times, you definitely have a cynical edge.
In your opinion, not all people are annoying. Some are dead!
And although you do have your genuine moments, you can't help getting your zingers in.
Some people might be a little hurt by your sarcasm, but it's more likely they think you're hilarious.


- My preppy name -

Your Preppy Name Is...

Pratt Larimer Eaton the Fifth
But most people know you as Muffy


- Cewek macem apa sih gw? -

You are a Brainy Girl!

Whether you're an official student or a casual learner, you enjoy hitting the books.
You know a little bit about everything, and you're always dying to know more.
For a guy to win your heart, he's got to share some of your intellectual interests.
A awesome book collection of his own doesn't hurt either!


- tipe ciuman gw itu -

You Are a Sensitive Kisser

For you, kissing is a way to connect

And you need lot of care, attention, and privacy

It may take you a while to kiss someone...

But when you do, it's total fireworks


- Seberapa gemininya gw? -

You are 67% Gemini


- Lahir di bulan juni -

Your Birth Month is June

Peaceful and harmonious, you seek the gentle side of life.
Your warmth and consideration touches many.

Your soul reflects: Friendship, love, and beauty

Your gemstone: Pearl

Your flower: Rose

Your colors: Light blue, white, and cream


- Apa sih nit? -

Your True Sign Is Taurus
PatientStubbornPossessiveSelf-IndulgentGreedy and GenerousDetermined and DeliberateLover Of All Things LuxurousComfort Seeking and Comforting

- UTS yang annoying - Senin, 12 November 2007

Uts tadi bener-bener buat gw pusing tujuh keliling...
Well bukan tujuh keliling sih.... tapi buat kepala gw jadi migrain...
Kenapa sih Ibu guru itu membuat soal sedemikian susah dan njelimet...
Okelah, UTS pertama gw bisa.. dibilang bisa si bisa, dibilang ga bisa juga ga bisa... tapi soalnya bisa diakalin... Habis kisi-kisi sama soal yang keluar di UTS sama semua....
Nah si haji Jeje ini, duh... dah duh... kisi-kisi sama soal yang di ujikan sama-sama keluar.. But, bahannya itu loh yang ga nahan.... soal filsafat kan banyak butuh nalar. Dan ada sepuluh soal... argh... gw kalo inget soalnya jadi migrain lagi ni.... Pas keluar dari ruang ujian, muka teman-temanku pada ditekuk semua... Wah... gw seneng deh.. senasib dan sepenanggungan. Kalau kata temen gw yang juga pinter (kayak gw... hehe cuih...) soalnya membunuh...
Gw kemarin kan keujanan, terus gw jadi pusing deh... besoknya gw kurang tidur, coz internet gw kan baru dipasang, so gw sibuk ngedowloadin antivirus gitu. And yang buat gw kesel dan harus bolak-balik reboot komputer dan setelah sekian lama, baru jam setengah tiga beres. Gw terus pagi-pagi bangun jam setengah 6 dan siap-siap ke kampus.. untuk menempuh hidup baru (hahaha...) ga deng untuk menempuh ujian.... Mana gw tadi kebablasan, bajaj gw tawar jual mahal... lah.. mendingan gw telat, naik busway cuma Rp 3.500 dari pada gw ontime tapi bayar Rp 10.000 hehe prinsip orang pelit. Yah... bukannya gw suka ngaret or sumthin' tapi... gw sih udah ngereka-reka aja, gw ga bakal telat.. tau ah...
Untung hari ini ga ujan, gw nyampe di Zen dengan selamat. Gw tadi minta izin sama supervisor gw, buat persiapan minggu depan.. cowokku mau ke jakarta gitu... Duh... si Erwin tumben baik n ga sensi sama gw... hahaha
Terus tadi di Zen gw di telp sama boss gw.. katanya kita harus giat bekerja... Siap Boss!!!! Terus lagi tadi gw minta pijit sama Ipeh.. duh... rasanya nikmat... sekali... katanya si Ipeh gw kebanyakan penyakit. Masa semua titik di kaki gw sakit? Dari titik kepala, sinus, lambung, usus kecil, ginjal, ureter, uterus, pundak, tulang ekor, kandung kemih, jantung, antibodi, leher... wahwahwah... kayak mau mati aja deh... hehe Sebelum gw finish... ada tamu lagi... eh si Ipeh belum selesai mijitin gw.. ya udah lah ga apa-apa.... badan gw jadi seger lagi....
Besok ujian dari dosen favorite gw, Pak Fauzi... kayaknya seru nih... dia menjanjikan soal yang tidak biasa.... Ga sabar deh gw...


- tugas ahhh - Rabu, 07 November 2007

Nama : Yunita Budipalupi

Nim : 2004-41-609

Shooting Script

Kegiatan Aldi

No Shoot


Kegiatan video



Close up

Aldi sedang tidur

5 detik


Extreme Close Up

Jam Weker berbunyi 4 kali

12 detik


Medium Close up

Aldi nguap lebar, sambil merentangkan tangannya

9 detik


Medium Shot

Aldi bangun, dan kemudian mematikan jam wekernya yang ada di seberang ruagan

15 detik


Medium Shot

Aldi mengambil gelas yang ada di mejanya

7 detik


Bust Shot

Aldi meneguk habis gelas yang berisi air putih tersebut

9 detik


Close Up

Aldi mengucek-ngucek matanya

8 detik



Aldi berjalan keluar kamarnya untuk mengambil handuk

8 detik



Aldi kembali ke kamarnya sambil melempangkan handuk di bahuya dan menutup pintu

11 detik


Knee shot

Aldi berjalan ke kamar mandi yang ada di kamarnya dan masuk ke kamar mandi

9 detik


Bust Shot

Aldi mandi di pancuran, sambil nyanyi dan sabunan

21 detik


Medium Shot

Aldi keluar kamar mandi, sambil memasang handuk di pinggangnya

8 detik


Bust Shot

Aldi berpakaian sambil berbicara di telepon

15 detik


Knee Shot

Aldi mengambil ranselnya lalu, keluar kamar

9 detik


Full shot

Aldi mencium ayah, ibunya, kemudian mencium tangan mereka

15 detik


Medium Shot

Aldi berpamitan kepada kedua orangtuanya, dan menyambar roti yang ada di mejanya.

17 detik


Full shot

Aldi mendorong motornya keluar rumah

12 detik


Extreme Close up

Aldi membuka Gembok rumahnya

8 detik


Close Up

Aldi tersenyum lebar kepada kedua orangtuanya di depan pintu

7 detik


Bust Shot

Orang Tua Aldi melambai kan tangannya

6 detik


Medium Shot

Aldi membalas lambaian tangan kedua orangtuanya

9 detik


Close Up

Kedua orangtua Aldi tersenyum

5 detik


Extreme Close up

Tangan Aldi ngegasmotornya

5 detik


Full shot

Aldi pergi naik motornya

10 detik

Total Durasi

4 menit


- Lolz.. sumpah jayus ni - Minggu, 04 November 2007

Berikut ini adalah contoh-contoh Style
Message untuk ajak kenalan orang yang
kamu sukai di Friendster.

Style Nyelekit.
Kamu cantik tapi masih single, pasti
kamu lesbi ya. kalau nggak lesbi pasti
bohong. Kalau kamu marah atau
tersinggung, jangan lewat email, kita
ketemuan aja. Kalau nggak berani
ketemuan, memang benar pasti kamu lesbi

Style PD

Kamu cantik tapi sayang sudah bercowok.
Sayang sekali cowok kamu jelek, item,
miskin, tolol. Sebaiknya saran saya,
jangan pernah jadian dulu kalau belum
ketemu saya. Ini saya kasih kesempatan,
nomor hp saya : 081-xxxx-x-xxxx.

Style Standard
Hai, boleh kenalan nggak ? Add aku ya di
kirim@ketawa.c om

Style Iseng
Boleh minta no HP dong, alamat rumah,
telp rumah, alamat kantor, telp kantor
bales ya!

Style Iseng 2
Tampang kamu mirip pacar saya!
Jangan-jang an kamu kembarannya ya ?

Style Iseng 3
Kamu mirip teman saya deh, atau jangan2
kamu memang pernah jadi teman saya, atau
mungkin kita pernah ketemu kali ya di
suatu tempat? Kamu merasa kenal aku
nggak sebelumnya ?

Style Hopeless
Please dong... jadi temanku... aku tahu
kamu cantik... aku jelek... tapi mau kan
jadi temanku... Siapa tahu kita bisa
jadian. Temanku di friendster baru 2
orang lho. Sudah 6 bulan minta add ke
banyak cewek, tapi ditolak terus.
Mudah-muda han kamu mau, soalnya kamu kan
baik, aku percaya kok kamu pada dasarnya
baik, hati kamu pasti seputih kulit kamu.

Style Hopeless 2
Hai sayang, aku sudah bosan hidup nih,
tolong dong, jangan buat aku bunuh diri.
Aku lagi pegang pisau nih, siap-siap mau
bunuh diri. Kalau kamu nggak mau add
jadi temanku, kamu besok baca koran POS
KOTA dan lampu merah ya. Pasti nama kamu
disebut2 disitu. Aku kasih waktu 1 x 24
jam atau kamu besok baca headline ini.
BERNAMA XXXXX (nama kamu tuh !)

Style Tajir , Mupeng dan PD sekali
Kamu cantik dan sexy sekali, malam
minggu besok jalan sama aku ya ini nomor
hpku: 081-xxxxx-xxxxx, aku biasa bawa
mobil mercedes benz serie 7, tapi kalau
lagi males aku bawa jaguar aja, kalau
kamu ingin yang biasa-biasa aja, aku
juga baru beli Vios kok. O'ya
Apartementku di sudirman lagi kosong
lho, nanti kita bermalam minggu disana
semalaman nggak apa-apa kan ?
Mudah-mudahan cowok kamu nggak
keberatan. Kalau cowok kamu keberatan,
aku punya pembantu wanita yang masih
single, nanti suruh cowok kamu bermalam
di kamar pembantuku aja ya.

Style Malu-Malu Mau
Hai... boleh kenalan nggak ?

Style Agresif Ngesellin
Hai, kenapa sih nggak mau kenalan sama
aku. aku sudah kirim message 45 kali
kok, dicuekin terus sih? Memang kamu
siapa? Memang saya siapa? Gue tahu elo
cantik dan sexy, tapi bukan berarti bla
blab lab labla blabla blablablabla

Style Sok Akrab 1
Hai kamu temannya si anu ya, aku tahu
kamu dari si anu. Bagaimana kabar kamu?
Bapak-ibu gimana? Adik-kakak gimana?
Sehat-seh at saja kan ? Udah lulus atau
udah kerja? Aku boleh add kamu ya?

Style Sok Akrab 2 + Nyelekit
Ya ampun, kamu masih inget saya? Aku kan
dulu teman SD/SMP/SMA kamu, kamu kan
dulu pernah nembak saya. Maaf dulu kamu
saya tolak, soalnya kamu tuh dulu jelek
banget, sekarang kok jadi cantik begini
? Operasi plastik di mana ya? Jangan
lupa add aku ya, kalau kamu masih
penasaran sama aku, nggak apa-apa kok
kalau mau nembak aku lagi. Pasti aku
terima dengan senang hati

Style Sok Akrab 3 + Ngegombal
Hai, denger-denger kamu habis putus ya
dari si 'anu'. Kamu pasti sedih sekali
ya, bagaimana kalau saya datang ke rumah
kamu untuk menghibur hati kamu yang
luka? Aku tidak habis pikir bagaimana
mungkin ada orang secantik kamu ini ada
yang tega melukai hati kamu yang bening
seindah kristal ini, pasti sangat
menyakitka n buat orang secantik kamu.
ini nomor hpku: 081-xxxx-xxxx

Style Gila 1
Kalau kamu sedang kesepian, mungkin saya
adalah orang yang tepat untuk dijadikan
pacar, kalau kamu sedang punya pacar,
mungkin pacar kamu tidak ada apa-apanya
diband ingkan saya, kalau kamu sedang
merencanak an perkawinan, batalkan saja,
nikahlah denganku saja, kalau kamu sudah
kawin, tolong ceraikan suami kamu, kamu
ditanggung tidak akan menyesal
mendapat kan aku

Style Gila 2
Hai, kamu tolong lihat foto2 saya di
friendster ya. Kalau kamu ingin lihat
saya dalam keadaan polos/bugil, aku akan
kirimkan fotonya dengan syarat kamu
kasih saya nomor hp kamu...

Style Ngegombal 1
Aku tidak percaya dari 5 milyard
penduduk dunia, ternyata ada satu
makhluk termanis yang tidak pernah saya
lihat sebelumnya. Makhluk itu adalah
kamu. Kamu memang diciptakan khusus
untukku. Terima kasih Tuhan telah
mempertemuk an belahan jiwaku lewat
friendster. com. Sayang, will you marry me ?

Style Ngegombal 2
Oh My God, Finally I have found someone,
and it was you !, give me your phone
number soon, and i will pick you up as
soon as possible. and we will looking
for 'pendeta/penghulu' right now to
bless our marriage. Do you agree with that?

Style Kurang Ajar 1
Hai. One Night Stand yuk! Nanti kamu
boleh add aku deh jadi temanku

Style Kurang Ajar 2
Hai. Tarif kamu semalam berapa ?

Style Kurang Ajar 3 + Sok Akrab
Hai, kayanya kita pernah kenal deh, kamu
kan selingkuhannya si 'X' teman saya
yang istrinya 2.

Style Tolol
Hai, aku baru join di friendster, bisa
tolong ajarin aku nggak caranya makai
friendster? Tolong datang ya ke rumahku
atau kantorku. Ini alamatnya
blablab lblblablablablabla
Style Tolol 2
Hai, boleh tanya nggak ya. Sekarang jam
berapa ya? Maaf jam saya mati.

Style Tolol 3
Hai, boleh tanya nggak ya. kalau dari
Blok M mau ke Bandung , naik bus nomor
berapa ya?

Style Tolol 4
Hai, boleh tahu password kamu nggak? Aku
lupa password aku, mungkin saja
passwordku sama dengan password kamu


- Pengisian Buletin -

One] Who was your last text from?
~ My Bestestfriend, Angelin Gloria Pardosi

[Two] Where was your default picture
~ Izzi Pizza, Blok M

[ Three] What's your middle name?
: Ga ada tuch

[Four] Your current relationship
stat us?
~ in a relationship

[Five ] Does your crush like you back?
~ Mudahan-mudahan (Cross my fingers)

[ Six] What is your current mood?
~ Pengen ketawa

[Seve n] Who was your last call from?
~ Sayangku, Megat

[Eight] What color shirt are you
~ Purple

[Ten] If you could go back in time and
change something, would you?
~ sure.. I wish I did not meet him.

[Twelve] Ever had a near death
~ No...

[Thirteen] Something you do a lot?
~ ngupil.... hehe.. ooohh... ilfeel

[ Fifteen] Who can you tell anything to?
: Uwi and Angel, oh and Megat of course

[Sixteen] Name someone with the same
birthday as you?
: Ada, kak Yessy, kakak kelas gw di Ricci dulu. Sekarang dia juga ada di Moestopo juga kok

[Seven teen] When was the last time you
~ Gw masih inget, tanggal 18 October 2007. Terakhir kalinya gw nangisin Zaki, karena gw dapet cowok baru.....

[Twent y - one] What do you usually
from starbucks?
~ Teh Tubruk... (capek de nit)

[Twenty - two] What's your biggest
secret?that i....
~ That I am in love with a guy, named ....

[Twent y-three]What's your favorite
~ my fave is green at the moment

[Twent y- f ive] Do you still watch
movies or tv shows?
~ Ga lah... bahkan adult movies juga ga nonton gw. Sangat sibuklah diriku ini...

[Twent y-six] What are you eating or
drinking at the moment?
~ Nothing. Udah malam, jangan kebanyakan nyemil, bisa jadi balon lagi gw...

[Twenty- eight] What's your favorite
~ Gasoline maybe.. ga deng. Aromatherapy di kantor gw, yang judulnya "soothing"

[Twenty-n ine] Describe your life in one
word at this moment?
~ Complicated

[T hirty] Have you ever cried in the
~ haha kayak sinetron aje....

[Thirty-o ne] What is your favorite
football team?
~ apa ya, Persija...

[Thirty-t wo] What are you thinking
about right now?
~ umm... kapan aku bisa bertemu dirimu, sayangku Megat?

[Thi rty -three] What should you be
~ ummm nothing. Semuanya dah beres, jadi ga ada yang harus gw kerjain

[Thir ty-five] What are you waiting now?
~ For my love to come. Ya ga hun?

[Thirty- six] Do you like working in
the yard?
~ My favorite thing lah itu

[Thirt y-seven] If you could have any
last name in the world, what would it
~ Jocz kali ya

[Thirty-ei ght] Do you act differently
around the person you like?
~ Tergantung. Kalau udah lama jadiannya, keluar dong asli gw...

[Thir ty-nine] What is your natural
hair color?
~ black

[Forty] Who was the last person made
you laugh?
~ Angel


Dibawah ini adalah wajah Ninit yang menggemaskan

uy uy uy
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