- My dirty little secret - Kamis, 17 Juli 2008

Gw tau banget... ini lagu All American Reject... uda liat video klipnya kan...
banyak orang yang mengirimkan kartu pos yang berisikan their dirty little secret

Di bawah ini adalah apa yang ada dalam kartu pos mereka, selama video klip

  • I want to blind and I don't want to see them together

  • I haven't spoke to my dad for 10 years, and it kills me everyday

  • Everything I told her (my mum)was a complete and total lie

  • When i eat I feel like a failure

  • I had gay sex at church camp 3 times

  • I pee in the sink

  • I am a peaceful person who happens to be filled with violent rage

  • She cheated

  • I make fun of fat people but my mum is huge

  • I wish I was the other twin

  • I hate feeling alone

  • I'm only dating her to get her sister

  • I am afraid to make next step

  • I miss feeling close to God

  • I hate people who remind me of myself

  • I fear I have an undiagnosed mental illness

  • 3 years ago i tried to kill myself... Now I'm 18 people say I'm happy.. But I still want to die

  • I'm afraid that no one will ever love me.. as much as my dog does

  • Sometimes I think my fiance isn't the one

  • Sometimes I fake empathy to get people to like me

  • I'm afraid of naked woman

  • I leave poetry in the library books

  • I love you so much, but can't tell you

  • I feel ugly because I'm half-black, half-white

  • I cheated on my SAT and I get scholarship

  • I thought I was in love with him

  • I take more than the suggested dose

  • I only love 2 of my children (out of 3)

  • I'm in love with my best friend

  • I'm afraid to answer the telephone

  • People think I've stopped lying but I've just gotten better at it

  • I know it really stinks, but I like the smell of my own poop

  • My family is rich, but I hoplift everyday

  • I have more body hair than any woman should

  • I waste office supplies because I hate my boss

And my dirty little secret is.... aww ;) I can't tell you this.. since this is my blog.. and you guys will know my dirty little secret...

So do you have your dirty little secret.. why don't you share with us ;) We'll be waiting... no need to put up your name if you think it's too embarrassing you.. just your dirty little secret...


At 17 Juli 2008 18.46, Anonymous Anonim bilang

i just want to say..
You are fabulous..
Keep writing..keep fighting..
meet me at my YM please,

thx yups..

At 21 Juli 2008 17.47, Anonymous Anonim bilang

gue seneng kalo gue lebih sukses dari orang lai..
that's my dirty little secret.

At 26 Juli 2008 20.43, Anonymous Anonim bilang

Andai ada kehidupan yg lebii ideal..??!!

cuma nyari tiap kepingan mozaik gw nit..!!

'ninit retired close'
bnyk yg kangen sama kamu...!!

At 27 Juli 2008 18.27, Blogger Puputse bilang

hmmmm apa yah...

pernah naek bis gak bayar, gak sengaja sie, karena sesek n gak di tagih... :p

At 8 Agustus 2008 14.33, Anonymous Anonim bilang

wihhh nee rajin sekali liatin satu persatu isi dari kartu pos :D mantappp daahh


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